Gjethuset and Galleri SPOT have always been active to have unique exhibitions and are also interested in Japanese art. These exhibition places are located in Frederiksværk, 40 km northwest of Copenhagen. Both Gjethuset and Galleri SPOT had a couple of Japanese exhibitions before, and it was quite successful and well received by the people. Gjethuset, Galleri SPOT and Ågalleriet cooperated as an art dispatch station out of Frederiksværk. Now we decided to show Japanese suppleness through Japanese art. Japanese arts talk to the people with a sense of suppleness, through their material, technique, or concept. We feel a different culture and sense of beauty from Japanese art, especially the refined and elegant works. Japanese artists have unexpected flexibility in their mind compared to most European artists. And that makes people feel comfortable and fascinated. For the younger generation, it will be an experience of a different culture, and for the older people, it will give them a calm and cozy feeling. And for all the people, it will be just fantastic.